Pumpkin Paradise

If you’re in Orange County and you’re looking for a little festive fun this October, or just want a cute snap, there are plenty of great spots close by to visit! Southern California tends to be quite warm during the fall so we have to get creative with our pumpkin patches. You won’t find pumpkins on the vine, but you’ll definitely experience something quite unique at each place.

Tanaka Farms Location: Irvine Admission: $4

With Chelle Tanaka Farms.jpg
Tanaka Farms With Chelle.jpg

Tanaka Farms is pretty darn close to a traditional pumpkin patch. The pumpkins are ready to pick up and go, but at least they are surrounded by greenery and vines to give the illusion of picking from an actual garden. All the fun and excitement of finding the perfect pumpkin still holds its magic here! 

Wagon rides and a corn maze are also offered to enhance the experience at Tanaka Farms. Take some time to relax and enjoy the farm. There is no need to rush all over the place. 

Live Oak Canyon Farm Location: Redlands Admission: $10, Free every Tuesday

Live Oak Canyon With Chelle.jpg
With Chelle Live Oak Canyon.jpg

Looking for some fresh mountain air? Live Oak Canyon Farm is about an hour drive from Orange County. There is a small area to pick some pumpkins yourself, but the patch is easily overlooked compared to everything else on the farm. Upfront there are already so many pumpkins of all shapes and sizes displayed to choose from. 

Entering the farm, it feels more like a carnival than anything else. There is so much to do here that visiting Live Oak Canyon is perfect for a family outing or even a cute date night. From a petting zoo to blasting pumpkins to clever games, there is bound to be something for everyone.

Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch Location: Culver City Admission: $5 Weekdays, $20 Weekends

Mr Bones With Chelle.jpg
Mr Bones Pumpkin Patch.jpg
With Chelle Mr Bones.jpg

The most insta-worthy pumpkin patch in Southern California. Mr. Bones is a pumpkin paradise! Every corner provides the perfect photo-op. The area is a bit small and compact compared to tons of other u-pick farms, but this is more of a pumpkin art display than anything else. You can really appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into building the houses and other displays. 

And while the pumpkin village is definitely the star when visiting Mr. Bones, there are a couple of other fun activities to enjoy. Such as a petting zoo and bouncy houses. It is definitely worth a visit if you are able to go during the week. 

Lido Marina Village Location: Newport Beach Admission: Free

Lido With Chelle.jpg
With Chelle Lido.jpg

*Honorable Mention* Lido Marina Village provides some festive fun to Newport! Lido is always great for window shopping and grabbing a bite to eat or a nice cup of coffee. Each season, the entrance is transformed into a beautiful display that best celebrates that time of year. 

I love decorating, so visiting this spot always makes me happy! If you’re looking for an easy location to take photos, this is the place. Afterwards, hit the beach while the sun is still shining! 


Pumpkin season is in full force! What is your favorite October activity?