Wandering through the desert has never felt so refreshing! The best time to visit Death Valley is in the winter or early spring. It is definitely worth the trip, even if you can only stay for a few hours.

The moment we got to the sand dunes, I ripped my shoes off and dug my toes into the sand. It was the ultimate freedom, standing among miles and miles of sand that stretched out as far as the eye could see. The wind was blowing everywhere, filling my lungs with fresh air. Such a nice feeling after a long car ride!

Death Valley
Sybil J withchelle

I'm known to be the most unconventional hiker/adventurer ever. I'm just not a fan of pants! Have you ever hiked in a dress? It feels amazing.

This year I'm embracing all the neutrals that are in trend! Sybil J has definitely fueled my addiction with the Santiago Dress. It is simple, yet fun and flirty with all the ruffles and textures. And it is the perfect dress for exploring and catching the wind!

Of course, it is also perfect for date nights or a Spring picnic for those who love all things girly.

withchelle Sybil J
Santiago Dress withchelle
withchelle Santiago Dress Sybil J
withchelle Sybil J