The days are starting to heat up here in SoCal! It's time to rip off the sweaters and wear something a little more refreshing. Springtime weather can be a little confusing sometimes. The sun can be a little too hot at times, but the shade too cold. However, with the shift in seasons brings the perfect time for afternoon picnics and frolicking in the fresh bloom and green grass! 

The Yulia set from Geegeebae had me falling in love. It fit perfect to my style preferences. Comfortable, flowy, yet also form fitting. It made me want to dance through the fields and enjoy a nice day relaxing outside. 

If I could, I would wear dresses every day instead of pants. But, this set brings 100% femininity, while still giving you the opportunity to do so many things. Geegeebae knows how to mix things! My opinions towards pants have definitely shifted. 

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