Moorten Botanical Garden

If you’re in Palm Springs, you can’t miss paying a visit to Moorten Botanical Garden. I stop by whenever I’m in town and have never been disappointed. The garden contains over 3,000 different species of cacti and other desert plants. Plus, their cactarium is so unique, it almost feels like a dream!

While the cactarium is definitely a big highlight, there is still much to explore throughout the gardens. Before you even get to this one of a kind greenhouse, you’re transported into desert heaven as you walk through a tunnel of cacti and plants. On my second visit, it was so surreal. Birds flew through the pathway, leading up to the opening of the main garden area.

As you continue to explore you’ll find some tortoises and doves. Maybe you’ll even catch feeding time! Don’t forget to take a peek at the trinkets and little cacti and succulents that are on sale. It wasn’t until my third visit that I decided to pick out some cacti, but I’m so glad I waited! I found a unique hook cactus with pink flowers.

Moorten+Botanical+Garden+With+Chelle (1).jpg

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Dress: Selfie Leslie

Shoes: Steve Madden