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When it comes to glasses, I’m not the biggest fan. Mainly because every pair I’ve owned constantly slips off my face. Even my last pair, I would just be standing around and suddenly they’d be on the floor!

I desperately wanted new glasses, especially because I couldn’t afford another visit to the doctor. So, I decided to try out Liingo Eyewear. While there are several other places that cater to your eyeglass needs online, Liingo really fit my style in terms of overall design and color.

Most of the time I stick to the same frame type in plain black. I never really wanted to put effort into my eyeglasses because any chance I got, I would not be wearing them. I wanted to try something new! After browsing Liingo, I decided to go with the Erin in Rosé. Once I saw the glasses in person, I knew I made the right choice!

Then, the second I was able to get these glasses on my face, I shook my head around to see if they’d even stay on. Liingo Eyewear passed the test! The first day wearing my new glasses went by great. However, I think I might just have a sweaty face! At times, I do notice a little slip, but not to the point where they are off my nose.

This pair of eyeglasses has been my most successful pair to date! I’m quite a clumsy person and both frames and lenses have kept their quality after a few weeks. No scratches made and minimal need to clean the lenses.

As much as I love these glasses, there is one thing you have to consider when ordering a new pair! If you’re looking to keep a similar size frame, know your measurements. Compare your glasses to the size & fit guide. At the moment, the Virtual Try-On feature is not the most helpful as the virtual glasses aren’t an accurate representation of how the glasses will look on your face. Just something to remember!

For now, I’ll be sippin’ my morning coffee in Liingo eyeglasses. Perfect vision to start my day!

Liingo Eyewear With Chelle
Liingo Eyeglasses
Liingo Eyewear Erin Rose Glasses
With Chelle Erin Eyeglasses

Outfit Details

Eyeglasses: The Erin in Rosé

Top: Floral Eyelet Crop Top