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Derma E With Chelle

For the past several months, I’ve really been into skin care. My counter is lined with different lotions and potions that I tend to use whenever I see fit.

My skin has always been a struggle for me due to anxiety. I’ve developed the unhealthy habit of constantly picking at my skin. On particularly bad days, I can’t even force myself to stop and end up scarring my face over and over. I’m trying to improve!

To top it all off, I have pretty sensitive skin. So, I really depend on skincare products with clean formulas if I’m not mixing together my own ingredients.

I recently ran out of my daily moisturizer and decided to give Derma E a try. Initially, I was impressed with their strong ethical values. Derma E takes pride in health, wellness and environmental sustainability when creating products. All their products are vegan and cruelty-free.

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Derma E sent me a little bundle of Vitamin C Skincare. Vitamin C has shown to brighten skin, making it an excellent nutrient for age and dark spots, uneven skin tone, discoloration and sun damage. What I really wanted was a hydrating formula that could also help with my spots, so I was excited to try this out!

Since I try not to wear any makeup during the week, I did not consistently test out the wipes though. Instead I opted to use the Concentrated Serum and Renewing Moisturizer.

I’m only a week into my new routine. I use both the serum and moisturizer after showering. While there aren’t significant changes, I do notice my scars starting to lighten up and heal faster than usual. Both formulas are lightly scented and fast-absorbing which is perfect for me as I don’t like the feeling of heavy lotions. I don’t even notice it after a few seconds and my face reaps all the silky smooth benefits.

Derma E With Chelle
With Chelle Derma E
Derma E With Chelle

Disclaimer: In order to create these images I did use concealer on my acne scars. These are not the results of a week’s worth of skincare. I just like to create beautiful imagery.