May is Mental Health Awareness Month! Approximately one in four people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives. It is a serious issue that is often overlooked.

Because you can't necessarily see it most of the time, a lot of people don't actually think it is a problem. Through my own experience, I've been told to just relax or get over it. That it's all just stress. But it isn't a "just just just." Mental illness can seriously affect you like any other disease. It destroys both the body and mind over time and the healing process can be long and tedious.

Mental health is very real. Which is why I am proud to announce that I stand with TOMS!


TOMS is known for donating a pair of shoes to someone in need for every pair purchased. Now, they are going even further to support their customer's values. You can choose from five different causes when purchasing shoes – providing safe water, ending gun violence, fighting homelessness, supporting mental health, or working toward greater equality and women's rights. All these causes are truly worthy of  your support.

Clearly, I am a strong advocate for mental health! I used to have panic attacks so strong that I would be incapable of moving. I thought I was having a heart attack several times! After the shaking would come dry heaving and vomiting. To make things worse these attacks would always happen in the middle of the night, disrupting my sleep for hours on end. My entire body and soul would be drained once I was able to regain any sort of composure. This is not even half of what it is like to deal with a mental issue.

If you stand for Mental Health, every purchase goes towards helping others in moments of crisis by connecting them with trained counselors along with the correct resources and support. Having a person there to guide you is so important! For me, even just having someone close by when I’m in need really grounds me and stops me from spiraling into further panic.

I've always loved TOMS message and values. This is a company that cares for both the well-being of others and the world as a whole!


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