Formulate Giveaway

About two months ago, I was approached by Formulate to try their customizable shampoo and conditioner. Each bottle of shampoo and conditioner is created based on your own preferences and hair characteristics. And the best part: the formulas are sulfate and cruelty free!

As always, I’m extremely skeptical when trying out new beauty products. I’m pretty much a sensitive flower when it comes to my skin and hair. Both are easily irritated. In the past, when I’ve tried sulfate free shampoos my hair has just flopped, turned too greasy, or even too brittle. But, I was still excited to try since Formulate specifically designs their product with what you want.


I have two stories to trying out Formulate. The bad…and the good! Let’s start with the “meh…” experience. Once I received my batch of shampoo and conditioner, I was ready to try it out immediately! At first, I was pleasantly surprised. The shampoo made it feel as if I had used conditioner. My hair was extremely soft even after rinsing for a few minutes. I thought this was a good sign! However, after a couple weeks I felt like my hair was too oily. Even when I rinsed for a good amount of time. My hair would dry, but it just felt disgusting.

I was pretty disappointed. I thought, this was just another company with a hyped up product. Turns out I was completely wrong! Formulate sent an email reminder to check how I felt about their product. Their promise that if the first formulation doesn’t work, they will adjust the ingredients and ship you a new formula free of charge. I sent in my feedback and soon after a new batch of shampoo and conditioner was sent to my house.


Time for the good. The second batch was perfect! I’m extremely grateful because I did not want to promote something that didn’t work for me. The shampoo actually felt like shampoo. While my hair still is nice and soft it wasn’t going overboard and my hair still felt like it had some texture. In my formula I mainly wanted to target hydration and split ends. You choose five hair goals when creating the formula, but those two were my main concerns. After about a month of trying the new batch, Formulate has delivered! I feel more confident about my hair and I feel like it is healthier overall.


Enter to win your own Formulate shampoo and conditioner! Just click this link to enter. All entries will receive $5 off their purchase and free shipping. US Residents only.