New Year

Happy New Year!

The new year is filled with new beginnings and setting goals! You can feel the excitement in the air. A fresh start. I’m actually not one to make any resolutions for the upcoming year. For me, it’s too much pressure to accomplish something that I don’t even know how long will take. Or what if I give up!? I’m not afraid to admit that I’m lazy and don’t always keep my own promises. Things happen.

Having a goal or even multiple isn’t bad though. I myself feel a little refreshed at the beginning of a new year. The only reason I’m saying this is because I believe you can set goals at any point in the year. If you want to improve on something, don’t wait until January to get started!

But now is a better time than any. If you’re reading this January 1st or sometime later in the year, the key word is now. Instead of feeling pressured, here are a few tips that I like to remind myself while I am on my journey!

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Everyone knows the saying “moderation is key.” And it’s true. Don’t push yourself to the breaking point. Rest days are important and giving yourself rest will give you the energy to continue reaching for your goal. For example, if you want a healthier diet, go for it! But don’t be afraid to have some sweets every now and then.

Time Limits

Sometimes you want to achieve something by a certain time. Personal deadlines are great, but sometimes you don’t always meet them. That’s okay! Don’t stress about it and remember there is always another day to continue. Life will not be over just because you didn’t accomplish your goal at a specific time.


Don’t compare your progress to someone else’s. Everyone works differently and at different times. All that matters is that you are continuing to push towards your goal. By comparing, you’ll only ruin your own motivation and happiness.

Challenge Yourself

Push yourself a little to try new things you normally wouldn’t. Instead of sticking to routine, switch it up a little and you’ll be surprised with the results! Remember to keep a positive attitude about the new experience whatever the outcome is.

Always Be Kind to Yourself

When you set a goal, remember it isn’t constant improvement. You’ll have days where you’ll fall behind, but remember all the progress you’re making and will continue to make. Do not punish yourself for having an off day. It might be a few weeks or months, but slowly you will recognize that you are moving forward even when you have days where you don’t.

So remember to be nice to yourself, because all great things take time. Enjoy your journey!

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I hope everyone has an amazing year filled with love and happiness! Reach beyond the sky and fulfill all your dreams! Only you can make them happen.