By the Seashore

Chelley sells seashells by the seashore. 

My absolute favorite trend at the moment is all the seashell and beach-y accessories. I grew up just a ten minute drive away from the beach and even went to a university just a walk away from the ocean. The beach is home. 

All the accessories just remind me of warm days on the beach and filling your hands with shells until you can't carry anymore. Wearing natural or fake shells brings a sense of nostalgia and natural beauty. You can hear the ocean waves and gentle breeze just by looking at one. It's also great way to amp of your style without going overboard!

Here are a couple of my current favorite accessories:


Perlita Earrings from Fortunate One

Add a little shine to your accessories. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but pearls and seashells will truly make you channel your inner mermaid.


Cowrie Beaded Bracelet Set from Forever 21

Mix and match your shells to your desire! I love being able to stack the bracelets if I want to go all out or keep it simple with just one set of shells.

Cowrie Shell Choker from Amazon

You can find beautiful shell accessories anywhere for an affordable price! They are the perfect summer accessory whether you’re chillin’ at the beach or doing something completely unrelated to the outdoors. You’ll always have a piece of mermaid magic with you.